This Website truly IS about YOU!

In this website you will discover more about you, those around you and how you interact with them… and it might be just that little bit too confronting?

  • Are you ready to discover exciting and hidden things about yourself?
  • Are you ready to activate that part of your life that has been shutdown for such a long time?
  • Are you ready to become empowered, focused and able to love and be loved?

We provide YOU with the tools to ensure at least some of the above is a direct result of you being involved with this organization.

Whether you are a female/male adult, a teenager or a Mum and/or Dad of a family unit, you will discover new ways of “getting along” together that will change your life forever… simply the choice is yours what area you choose to explore!

Another part of who we are as individuals, is our inherent need to be “part of something bigger” well we have created what we are calling our Global Village… our way of connecting each of us together from around this small and beautiful planet of ours (more…)

Ken Roberts


Hello, I’m Ken Roberts and the reason I’m here on this site is because
I care deeply… (often too much they tell me) about others.

The In2Organization and what it represents to the world matters very much to me. My whole life purpose is to empower others to find their passion and purpose and I believe that many many people will achieve this over the coming years on this site.
I have developed a clear understanding of what love, relationships and family is because of my close connections with my partner, my family, my business partner and my friends, it is because of them I discovered another reference to what life really is about.

  • I have discovered what a relationship really is.
  • I have uncovered the secrets to happiness that I thought existed in fairy tale books.
  • I have learnt through my studies and life experiences, that life and me being happy, is all about me and how I interact with others.

Around eight years ago words and sayings such as “Partnerships as opposed to Relationships”, boundaries, commitment, etc. were all words I thought came from another language, let alone from all “committed” Relationships/Marriages.

The “Me” in this website is not about me, it is about you finding the “me” in you. You see, I truly believe that if you do not discover that very special part of you, you will struggle to find true happiness with others. (more…)


People often ask me “Why”! Why do so many of us have this incessant drive to find “happiness”?
Why do so many of US want to be involved in trying to discover ourselves. Obviously it is hard work, it is probing and even personally confronting in some cases. And secretly we all strive for it.

At The In2 Organization we believe it is because somewhere inside of us is the need to achieve future “Happiness”. To achieve it we first need to look within. Once we have discovered the source, we then can look beyond ourselves and fulfil what we know is in our DNA. That is the need to be involved in some sort of Community, Global Village or Tribe. In studies done over many hundreds of years, scientists believe that belonging to a tribe/community or village is inherant within all of us – either as a Woman, a Man, a Mother, a Father, a Parent or a Child. And it seems the strongest drive in the majority of people is to be in or create a happy, connected Family.

This clearly is the “US” that we see inherent within us all.

We are keen to teach you how to be better at being together. That’s what this site is all about… providing unique personal opportunities for all who belong to this Global Village.

We imagine that your future and how you show up in it is very important to YOU. Know that it is very important to us here at The In2 Organization that you are given EVERY opportunity to achieve whatever “that” means to you. (more…)

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